Rewarded Ads are here!

Rewarded Ads are here!

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Rewarded Ads is an excellent video advertising strategy for games in order to increase revenue and improve user experience.

In this blog, we explain the definition of Rewarded Ads, how it works, the benefits of using Rewarded Ads in your game, and most importantly, how can you use Rewarded Ads in your monetization strategy with GameDistribution.

1. What are Rewarded Ads?

While playing a game, there are possibilities for users to watch an in-game video advertising and receive rewards (such as in-game currency, premium content, extra lives and credits, etc) in return.

Rewarded Ads is an excellent video advertising strategy for games in order to increase revenue and improve user experience.

2. How do Rewarded Ads work?

Offer < the user sees an offer for premium content in exchanging for watching an in-game video >
GameDistribution Example

Watch < the user chooses to watch the video, trigger an ad to play>
GameDistribution Example

Reward < the video ends and the user gets the reward for watching that video ad >

3. What are the benefits of Rewarded Ads?

Increase more revenue to your game!
Rewarded ads have higher Click-Through-Rates which means your eCPMs are higher than regular video ads. Therefore, Rewarded ads can increase your game revenues significantly.

Improve user experience.
The user gets to choose whether to see a Rewarded ad or not, and this creates a user generated ad impression. Unlike other formats which may disrupt user experience, rewarded video contributes to a positive UX.

Increase engagement and retention.
Users prefer to watch a free video ad rather than paying money for getting a premium feature, or getting an extra live in game. Rewarded ads take advantage of that mentality by allowing users to continue playing your game for longer time and more often.

4. How, when and where to use Rewarded Ads in your monetization strategy?

There are many different creative ways to use Rewarded Ads in your game, make sure that you always give users a benefit by seeing an ad unit. Try and mix a few different ideas inside your game to get the best out of it.

 1. Extend gameplays and provide lives

Give users an opportunity to continue playing your game after they failed a level. Ask them if they would like to watch a video in exchange for extra lives. You can always use this before the game starts by offering an extra set of lives or shields before getting into game.

GameDistribution Example

 2. Provide game assistance

If users are stuck in a level and can’t move forward, give them an option to move on by watching a video ad to skip that specific level, or to get a hint on how to solve the puzzle.

GameDistribution Example

 3. Give random rewards

People love to be surprised positively. Add random rewards opportunities by setting up a “Wheel of Fortune” or a “Mystery Chest” and let users spin and unlock by watching a Rewarded Ad.

GameDistribution Example

5. General best practices

Ad Placement
Reward Ad should be easily accessible and visible in a consistent location for users to access.
Avoid placements that could interrupt core elements of the game experience. You can keep a close eye on your analytics data to avoid diminishing returns.

Mix things up
Rewarded Ad units can (and should) be used in the combination with regular video ads (Pre-roll and mid-roll) to increase your overall revenue per user per session.

Reward provided should be a necessary commodity for the continuity of the game within the game design.

Users should be frequently reminded that there is an opportunity to receive a reward (e.g in-game notifications).

6. How can you get Rewarded Ads?

Go to GameDistribution SDK and start implementing it on your games today!

We hope this guide can help you kick start your use of Rewarded Ad videos on GameDistribution to increase your in-game revenue and user experience in general.

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