General game design tips for HTML5 developers

Wether you’re completely new to game designing, or are a seasoned developer with an ambition to grow even more, we’ve compiled a list of handy tips to help you on your way. Below, we have collected some great pieces of advice on how to make the best out of your game!

The other perspective: Think about what you would like to see as a player; which types of levels would be logical? What kind of challenges would you get excited about? How would you like to be rewarded when you reach a milestone? Asking yourself these questions could help you to discover potential caveats and increase the playability of your game!

Accessibility is key: Try to keep the game accessible to everyone; use universal symbols in the menu and during gameplay, and include a tutorial if the goal or tactics are harder to grasp for beginners.

Good looks help: A good-looking game is more attractive to players, so it is definitely worth it to spend some extra time on the general design of the game; the characters, background and weapons or tools for example. If you are having a hard time designing everything yourself, you could consider purchasing an asset pack. This means you buy the images, but you can still create the game yourself!

The face value: Adding onto the previous point: the thumbnails are the first thing potential publishers and players will see, which is why it is important to think of what you want to show in these small images. If you are looking for tips to design a thumbnail set that really matches your game and makes it look attractive, check out this guide!

Reward wanted: In your game, you can choose to implement rewarded ads to maximize the revenue potential. This means that a player can choose to watch an advertisement, in order to get something in return. There are many options for what to offer them: power-ups, extra lives or bonus levels, for example. Think about what the player would like to have to succeed!

Learn by playing: This is definitely the tip that is the most fun – for you! Check out our extensive catalog or start up your favorite game and see what these developers have done to make the game interesting, smooth, accessible and fun for their target audience. Then think about yours: can you use the same tactics? We’d love to see what you come up with!

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