A peek into our edutainment collaboration with StoryZoo

StoryZoo creates fun and interactive learning experiences for young kids, providing them with a safe space to learn and play. In an exciting partnership, we recently released StoryZoo Games, and in this blog post we dive into what this entails.

StoryZoo is a cartoon primarily aimed at children aged 2-6, and was developed with language institutes to get the young audience acquainted with the English language in a playful manner.

Azerion shares similar ideologies to StoryZoo and our team was thrilled by the opportunity to create a game together. We have partnered with this fantastic company to build a game that incorporates the recognizable StoryZoo characters and combines this with intuitive and fun minigames. 

Among other things, children can fill up coloring pages to their heart’s content, play word games to get to know different animals, and try their hand at a game of memory. So, how did this collaboration come to be and what does it mean to the people involved in its construction?

Our Game Producer Lorenzo De Carlo shares the following:

“StoryZoo is all about teaching children in a playful way; and what better way of using games as an edutainment medium. It was important to stay authentic to StoryZoo while creating a playful educational experience where children can interact with StoryZoo’s beautiful graphics and learn something along the way. We chose a few recognizable games children like to play such as memo, puzzle and coloring pages but also included games where children can learn words of their favorite animals.”

We also spoke to StoryZoo’s CEO Johannes Gropp about conscientious education for children and a positive approach to gaming as an educational tool:

“StoryZoo is now also entering the online space and the StoryZoo Fans can engage with their favorite characters in a wonderful gaming environment, where ‘learning can be fun’ is the strong message. We are proud to cooperate with Azerion as there could not be a better partner we can think of to create such an online experience.”

We are so proud of this collaboration and hope that you and your players have a great time exploring StoryZoo Games!

You can find more information about StoryZoo on their website, and on their Dutch Youtube channel.

StoryZoo Games is now available exclusively on GameDistribution, you can find the full game here.

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